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Often known as “The Oldest Hatred” anti-Semitism has been punctuating Jewish history since biblical days. As history’s timeline moved towards modernism, anti-Semitism evolved with the times. Originally, it was theological anti-Judaism that grew into social and geographical ostracism eventually culminating into racial hatred and ethnic cleansing during the Holocaust. In our postmodern era, a new anti-Semitism has come on the scene. It is cloaked in a garment of social justice and tolerance that to this day continues to turn the victims into the perpetrators, as people claim to be anti-Zionists or anti-Israel but certainly not anti-Semitic anymore.

Yet, more recently, as documented in this book, classical anti-Semitism has merged with the New anti-Semitism to create a new breed of Jew-hatred that I call “Eschatological anti-Semitism” or “End-Times anti-Semitism,” I posit that this anti-Semitism of the Last Days is different from all his predecessors and much more lethal as well. Biblically, it is Israel’s enemy’s (Satan) last attempt at completely annihilating the Jews.

This author will compare the different anti-Semitisms historically, culturally and biblically as well as expose the current increasing danger of End-Times anti-Semitism. More than an exposé, this book will also offer to equip the reader with the Judeo-Christian principles necessary to fight this final evil against the Jewish people.



There is a new kind of anti-Semitism plaguing our world today. It is surprisingly quite different and more dangerous than the anti-Jewish sentiment of the 1930s and 40s. 


  • Who is behind the new anti-Semitism?
  • Is the worldwide Jewish community at risk?
  • Can Christians do anything to help?

Although the author's family survived the Holocaust, Olivier Melnick's book is more than merely another Holocaust remembrance book. He provides a uniquely educational message filled with current events, practical suggestions, and hope. He makes a compelling case for God's continued love and care for the Jewish people and invites Believers to prepare themselves for what is to come. Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum adds, "...Touches not only a subject of special interest to him and others, but also expresses Olivier's deep-heart conviction of what has happened with anti-Semitism in the past, what is happening in the present, and what the Bible says will happen in the future."

Book Endorsements

This is an urgently important book, exposing the insidious rise of a new strain of virulent antisemitism and explaining how this manifestation of Jew-hatred ties in with the end-times. The Church cannot afford to ignore this important, clearly written warning.
— Michael L. Brown, Ph.D | author, Our Hands Are Stained with Blood
‘End-Times Antisemitism’ expresses the new anti-Semitic players in the great end times drama. It is biblically based, historically accurate, and personally riveting! Don’t miss this powerful and compelling new appeal for both Jews and Christians to stand up against Satan’s final onslaught against the Chosen People.
— Dr. Ed Hindson
 | Founding Dean & Distinguished Professor
 | Dean, Institute of Biblical Studies
 | Distinguished Professor of Religion 
Rawlings School of Divinity 
Liberty University
Olivier Melnick is Jewish with family from France. He knows well the horrors of the Holocaust that affected his family. He became a strong believer in the Messiah of Israel, our blessed Lord Yeshua. He has written several books, and this latest one is very special as it deals with the serious problem of anti-Semitism. It creeps its ugly head even among churches who should know better. Olivier’s work is simply powerful and outstanding in his evaluations and biblical insights. I wholeheartedly recommend his work in this very important study on anti-Semitism. May the God of the Bible bless his efforts and use him to touch the lives of thousands!
— Dr. David Hocking
 | HOPE for TODAY Ministries
When an expert on Anti-Semitism such as Olivier Melnick exposes a new form of this pernicious error that, in his opinion, will climax the last days of earth’s history, both concerned Jews and Gentiles should take notice. Many have unsuccessfully conjectured on the cause of Anti-Semitism, because no social, political, religious, or economic theory can adequately explain this irrational and seemingly unconquerable threat to the Jewish People and to mankind. Mr. Melnick however, has uncovered in the biblical text the missing piece to understand and defeat Anti-Semitism in its final form. Here is a book both to inform and equip those who want to know and will seek to act in these End-Times.
— Randall Price, Ph.D.
 Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical and Judaic Studies
 Rawlings School of Divinity 
Liberty University
The problem of anti-Semitism is not going away any time soon. Satan’s longstanding ambition has always been to eradicate the Hebrew people and nation so that the blessings that God has ordained to flow to humanity through the Jew (Gen. 12:3; Isa. 42:6; 49:6) can be averted (Rev. 12). Sadly, anti-Semitism is even something that has historically found fertile ground within Christendom. Thus, fresh investigations into the horrific subject of anti-Semitism are much needed and appreciated. Olivier Melnick has furnished such an analysis in his latest book. If you want to become aware of the common thread of anti-Semitism throughout human history (past, present, and future), then this book is for you. It receives my highest recommendation.
— Dr. Andy Woods | Pastor-Teacher, Sugar Land Bible Church | President, Chafer Theological Seminary