Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

Founder and Director Ariel Ministries

"I am happy to recommend Olivier Melnick as a speaker and teacher. He has the capacity to share the Word of God from a Jewish perspective and has a real concern in sharing the gospel with his own Jewish people. What he has to say and teach will benefit both Jewish and Gentile believers."

Dr. Barry R. Leventhal

Academic Dean and Distinguished Professor
Southern Evangelical Seminary

God has raised up Olivier Melnick for our day when anti-Semitism is growing in a resurgence unknown for decades. Virulent error must be countered with unflinching truth. Lives are at stake. Olivier's speaking and writing ministry have never been more needed.

Dr. Jim R. Sibley

Director of the Pasche Institute of Jewish Studies
Dallas, TX

Over the past 15 years, it has been my joy and privilege to know Olivier. He is a gifted communicator of the truths of Scripture, especially as they relate to the Jewish people. He is an accomplished author and an authority on the new anti-Semitism who has God’s heart for Israel. Not only is Olivier an advocate on behalf of God’s Chosen People, but, more importantly, he is an ambassador of Yeshua the Messiah who longs for the salvation of both Israel and the nations. 

Dr. David Hocking

Radio Broadcaster
HOPE for TODAY Ministries

Olivier Melnick is a Messianic Jew who understands not only the Jewish roots of Christianity, but has written an excellent book on the danger of Anti-Semitism. Olivier communicates easily with audiences and speaks with the authority of the Bible backing up all he says. I highly recommend his ministry!

Ken Parish

Chaplain Old Folsom State Prison

Olivier Melnick's Passover presentation was insightful, inspirational, innovative to the over three hundred inmates present at our First Annual Resurrection Sunday banquet. Men are still talking about the experience and exposure to this marvelous time. The common remark was to see the volunteers show them dignity and humaneness by being present and taking the time to come. This celebration took place on Sunday, April 4, 2010 in the Dining Hall of Old Folsom State Prison. This experience was truly a memorable one as is the Passover Meal from year to year.

Sam Moore

Sam Moore Evangelistic Ministries
Bentonville, Arkansas

While I was a pastor I had Olivier in my church several times. I trust him in the pulpit, he is an excellent teacher/preacher, our people love him and always look forward to him coming back. I highly recommend that you use Olivier in your church. He will be a blessing to you and to your congregation.

Pastor Mike Messer

Liberty Baptist Church
Indianapolis, IN

It has been a blessing and privilege having Evangelist and Missionary Olivier Melnick minister and teach our congregation the importance of Jewish missions and evangelism. When he demonstrated and taught our church family the Passover, it made the Scriptures come alive. I highly recommend Bro Olivier as a teacher and speaker. He will be a blessing to your people.

Arlie Francis

Executive Director
Ariel Ministries

I have worked with Olivier Melnick for over five years. My ministry has been hugely blessed through his influence. As a Gentile believer in our Jewish Messiah, it is imperative for me to have a clear Jewish context for understanding and applying the Scriptures. God has used Olivier to shape my own thinking about the Jewishness of the Bible and to equip me for more effective ministry to Jewish people that have yet to enter the rest Olivier and I share as brothers in Messiah Jesus.

Pastor Kenneth Clowdus

Community Christian Center
Covina, CA

Olivier is a regular at our church. It is our privilege to have him speak at least once a year and sometimes twice. We always enjoy his teaching and learn something new. He is both entertaining and informative. He represents a ministry of proven integrity which has an excellent track record in the Christian Community. I have recommended him several times in the past.

Rev. Frantz Lacombe

New Missionary Baptist Church
Chicago, Illinois

I have known Olivier Melnick as a born again believer for over 14 years. We have become friends and ministry partners while studying at the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) in Chicago. His studies at MBI have well prepared him to handle Scriptures with precision and minister passionately to both Jewish and Gentile individuals. Our church has supported Olivier’s ministry and his family as missionaries with Chosen People Ministry for many years. We have always been blessed through Olivier’s ministry as a guest speaker on many occasions: mission conference, regular service, live radio show. I highly recommend Olivier without hesitation!