To Support My Ministry:

My family and I have been serving the Lord with Chosen People Ministries since 1998. It has been an incredible adventure across America and through several countries. We are currently based in the Northwest region of the United States.

God has been faithful in sustaining us and providing all of our needs for us for over twenty years. As we are 100% support raise representatives of Chosen People Ministries, we solely rely on support from other people and organization who see the value of our ministry. Your tax-deductible donations are at the foundation of our ministry every single day, along with your prayers.

We absolutely couldn’t do it without you. We know it, and God knows it. The work is far from finished, and we are available to the Lord to continue being Ambassadors for Yeshua (Jesus.) Not every player has the same role on a team, but they all have the same goal…Winning! Thanks for being on our soul winning team and to God be the glory!

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